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Whistleblower Procedures

Many federal and state policies and laws have adopted to protect the whistleblower from loss of employment or further retaliation. Whistleblower policy is not so cut and dry. First, the whistleblower must decide if he or she wants to keep the complaint internal or external. This decision could be based on a number of things including the industry, the type of organization and the misconduct that is occurring. The whistleblower may have to decide how harmful the problem is to society and the general public. Based upon those decisions, the whistleblower may often choose to contact an agency that specializes in whistleblowing and can offer advice as to the proper course of action.

The Whistleblower Center was set up for this very reason, to help whistleblowers understand whistleblower policy and procedures. We are here to save people from being viewed as a “tattle tale’ or “snitch” when the assumed misconduct is not what it is believed to be. And when the proposed misconduct or violation is presumed as true, we are here to support you through the process with a team of attorneys and whistleblower specialists that have your best interest in mind.

Legal Resources

Each year, the government loses billions of dollars due to fraud and misconduct of companies and organizations. If you or someone you know has reason to believe that employer or government misconduct is present you may have legal options for compensation. In recent years, whistleblower litigation has helped save billions of government US dollars.

Those who witness these illegal actions have legal options and may seek compensation through litigation. Filing a claim against the entity responsible may result in compensation for the whistleblower that can be up to 25 percent of the government recovery. Billions have been rewarded to whistleblowers!

Whistleblower and false claims lawyers understand that their clients may be overwhelmed by the case and even too stressed to deal with the details of filing a lawsuit or attending trial. For this reason, whistleblower lawyers handle every aspect of the case. Call today to confidentially speak to an attorney.