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Unclaimed Property

Almost every state has a law requiring that any company that holds unclaimed property or money turn over that property to the state if it remains unclaimed for a period of time (usually 3 to 5 years).  Sometimes, however, companies keep the property as revenue.

26 states currently have False Claims laws.  Anyone who has knowledge of a company's failure to return property or money to a state can file a whistleblower case under these state False Claim Laws and potentially receive a reward.

There are limitless examples of situations where companies are required to turn over unclaimed money to the state including:

Money that was owed to vendors for goods or services delivered but for some reason never paid such as:

  • deposits for orders that were never fulfilled;
  • funds deposited to an escrow account but never credited or returned such as when a title company holds funds in escrow for real estate transactions;
  • gift cards or certificates issued but never redeemed;
  • credit balances on business accounts, credit cards, or other accounts; and
  • all situations where money or property has been unclaimed or forgotten by the person or company entitled to the funds.

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