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Welcome to the new

As a society, we owe a lot to institutional whistle blowers a lot; although we don’t always treat them with the respect and appreciation.

The goal of the new is to track the latest leaks of criminal information by organizations and governments around the world. We have connections with the organizations and people who work with these individuals everyday so we have our finger on the pulse of this world.

Here are our top 3 whistleblowers in modern history.

  1. Edward Snowden: Probably the most influential and hunted whistleblowers in recent years. He blew open the story of US government surveillance on the people of America.
  2. Bradley Manning: Another controversial figure that was charged with helping the enemy by leaking a trove of material to WikiLeaks.He is currently facing life in prison.
  3. Julian Assange: Probably the most controversial leaker of all time. He has currently been in the headlines for leaking data related to Hillary Clinton to influence the most recent Presidential Election.